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Autel Robotics Drones

Autel Robotics

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, often called UAVs for short, have useful applications in many industries, from chemical plants to agriculture to numerous businesses ranging from real estate to land development to conservation. Certainly the military uses drones, and armed forces were the heaviest users of this technology for some time. Sometimes the forces use the term unmanned aircraft system (UAS) to encompass both the drone and its control mechanisms.

Technology, however, has steadily advanced, and now consumers also have access to lightweight, fairly affordable UAVs with advanced cameras. Drones, with few moving parts, have distinct advantages over other remote-controlled aircraft. They are easier to make, more reliable and less costly.

Manned and unmanned aircraft of the same type, such as airplanes and helicopters, usually have similar components. Exceptions are the cockpit and environmental control system or life support system. With UAVs, cockpit windows are generally replaced by links to quality cameras that shoot both still photographs and videos. Another difference with unmanned drones is that radio-transmitted digital controls are used in place of physical cockpit controls.  

Autel Robotics is a US-based technology company that produces drones. It is headquartered in Bothell, WA. The team of experienced engineers at this business works to harness complex technology in order to produce easy-to-use aerial devices designed for quality photography, filming and imaging. They produce the X-Star Premium, a FLIR duo for this model, and the Kestrel, which is an advanced, vertical takeoff UAV with multiple applications.

X-Star Premium



The X-Star Premium quadcopter drone is rugged and sophisticated yet easy to use and operate, even for novice pilots, and it is made to capture superb aerial photographs. This model has a 4K camera and 3-axis gimbal that can record clear, smooth HD videos or take 12-MP photographs with HD Live View as far as 1.2 miles away. The camera is known as an industry leader for its highly developed features that allow for crisp photographs and videos. Ready to fly out of the box, this UAV can be flown with or without the help of the free Starlink mobile app.

The X-Star Premium is powered by an intelligent flight control system, dual GPS and GLONASS satellite navigation and its Starpoint Positioning System, so it flies safe and stable, even indoors or at lower altitudes. Even where there is magnetic interference that could cause other drones to become erratic and even fly away, this model is designed with exclusive SecureFly technology that helps it return safely back home.

The X-Star Premium has a Beginner Mode that limits speed, distance and altitude, which is perfect for inexperienced pilots. For enthusiasts with more flying experience, this drone also offers many possibilities and challenges. Its strong build means that it can fly even in rougher terrain and environments. This model also has hands-free hovering that keeps it stable the moment pilots take their hands away from the controls.

Learning to fly this drone is easy, no matter what level of experience pilots have. Operators simply start the motor and use the one-touch buttons on the remote controller to take off, land, hover and set the drone to automatically return home. The controller has an integrated LCD that shows critical flight information, which allows the Starlink mobile app to show full-screen, live HD video. The Starlink app also offers many advanced autopilot features, including orbit, follow and waypoints, as well as allowing pilots to adjust camera settings and record in-flight images.


  • Advanced camera that takes HD video and crisp photographs

  • Intuitive remote controller with LCD display and one-touch buttons that can control the drone up to 1.2 miles away

  • Dual GPS and GLONASS satellite positioning help keep this drone stable

  • Intelligent battery allows flight times up to 25 minutes and charges in one hour

  • Starlink mobile app for iOS and Android offers autonomous flight modes and HD live viewing

The X-Star Premium package comes with numerous items.

  • X-Star Premium quadcopter

  • Remote controller

  • Charging cable

  • 64-GB MicroSD card capable of recording more than two hours of 4K video

  • Intelligent battery

  • Charger

  • Spare propellers

  • Small parts

  • Premium hard case that is zippered, splash-proof and lined with a shock-absorbent foam interior with additional space for as many as six batteries, manuals, charger, extra propellers and a remote as well as the drone

The X-Star Premium is designed to be accessible to beginning pilots as well as those familiar with drones. Ready to fly out of the box, this technology is sophisticated yet usable for all types of UAV enthusiasts.






The Kestrel is an electric vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) unmanned aircraft designed for long-range, high-speed missions. The Kestrel can travel at speeds between 40 and 80 mph, or between 65 and 130 km/h, and can fly for up to two hours. This drone’s fixed wings are aerodynamic, and it has a high payload capacity even in challenging environments.

Its ability to carry larger payloads means the Kestrel can be fitted with multiple cameras and gimbals or other relevant modules needed to perform its task successfully. This drone’s design has flexibility built in so that it can easily accommodate various types of missions. It is also made to be simple and convenient to carry and set up.

The Kestrel itself is advanced, but it also has a collection of instruments that allow it to function. This UAV system comes complete with flight planning tools, ground systems, ground control station, payloads and data analysis instruments so that users can make the most of this particular model’s high-performance capabilities.

  • With multiple task-specific nose cone modules, Kestrel can complete a number of projects and use scenarios.

  • Kestrel’s fuselage separates into a tail and a nose section, which makes it easy to transport and also creates simple systems integration for customers.

  • Kestrel has a redundant safety system, which means it can glide safely to the ground even in the event of a complete motor failure.

  • Battery packs are easy to access and change, and battery systems constantly monitor their safety and usage status.

  • Kestrel is designed with high industrial-grade standards in electronics, hardware and software, which make it a dependable UAV for challenging missions.

Numerous companies use Kestrel to accomplish goals and tasks.

  • For agricultural purposes, it can monitor vegetation growth and yield and perform analyses.

  • Disaster management applications include helping post-disaster relief efforts and performing larger-scale and more efficient search and rescue missions.

  • Resource mapping uses this drone to help with surveying and monitoring features such as dikes, waterways and fisheries.

  • The oil and gas industry find this drone’s technology invaluable for multiple tasks, including  inspecting pipelines and offshore rigs.

  • Security operations use Kestrel to help with extended perimeter surveillance.

  • This UAV also can perform imaging tasks such as traffic analysis, and it can produce high-quality real estate videos.

  • The news industry is exploring how to use this drone to cover events, especially those in dangerous and difficult-to-reach locations.


  • Vertical takeoff and horizontal flying capabilities

  • Electric power

  • Interchangeable nosecones can accommodate different camera and gimbal packages

  • Produces high-quality videos and clear images

  • Flight time of two hours

  • Flies at fast speeds for long distances

  • Comes with a complete system for efficient, successful completion of tasks

The catchphrase for the Kestrel is “No runway. No problem.” However, cutting-edge VTOL capabilities are no longer used strictly by military forces. This sort of high-end technology has many industrial applications. Some are in full use now, and others are being explored for future development and use.





The FLIR Duo and FLIR Duo R modules, which can be integrated into Autel Robotics’ X-Star Premium drone, can capture actionable thermal data in minutes. Both types of FLIR technology are fashioned to resemble small, high-performance cameras. These advanced heat-sensing devices captures two images—a standard visual image and a thermal reading. These dual images give users multiple viewing options. Switch between the two, set them side by side for quick and simple comparison or combine them for a highly-detailed thermal image.

The FLIR Duo R model will even capture temperature readings by pixel color variations. The FLIR Duo and FLIR Duo R have sophisticated technology that allows for precise, complex performance, even for less experienced drone enthusiasts.


  • Affordable drone thermal imaging—provides dual-sensor thermal and visible light color imaging in a compact camera form

  • On-board recording—Records digital thermal and 1080p color video and still photographs to an onboard microSD card

  • Radiometric Duo R—provides calibrated and accurate non-contact temperature readings in every pixel


Autel Robotics sells multiple accessories for X-Star Premium pilots to enhance usage and performance as well as prolong the life of the drone. These accessories include extra batteries, propellers, propeller guards and a sun hood for mobile phones that attaches to the remote controller.

Complex Technology Made Simple

Autel Robotics was founded by engineers fascinated by technology. Their mission is to take intricate technological systems and translate them into easy-to-use drones that can fill difficult industrial missions as well as delight general consumers who are UAV enthusiasts. The future for Autel Robotics’ high-tech unmanned aircraft looks bright. In fact, the sky is the limit.