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Blade Drones

Blade Drones: A Quick Guide

If you are considering purchasing your own drone, consider Blade. The company features a wide range of aircraft in a variety of styles and colors. Products are separated into three levels — aptly named Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Additionally, many of its drones feature SAFE® technology that stabilizes the drone should the pilot lose orientation.

Level 1 – Inductrix™ FPV Pro BNF


A high-performance, micro FPV drone best used for indoor racing, the Inductrix™ FPV Pro BNF features a new design that provides stronger material and added reinforcements. This drone's flight control uses Betaflight firmware and comes pre-flashed. The model's 25mW camera/VTX is small enough to maintain a sleek profile but powerful enough to provide durability and high-performance pictures. The Inductrix™ FPV Pro BNF has 19,000 Kv + motors that ensure this product offers excellent performance straight from the box.

Level 1 - mSR S


The mSR S uses advanced AS3X® technology. Durable construction and the ability to easily repair it make this fully assembled model perfect for even the smallest beginner. It is also an excellent way for users to switch from using coaxial helicopters and multi-rotor drones to one that uses just one rotor. A 1S 150mAH battery provides plenty of power so users get the extra speed and agility they want with this indoor drone.

Level 1 - Scout CX RTF 3-Ch Heli


The Scout CX RTF 3-Ch Heli is an indoor coaxial electric helicopter that features 2.4GHz radio control, which allows multiple units to fly at once. This model offers directional control via a computerized Piezo gyro and a proportional rotor head that allows for precise response. This drone comes pre-assembled and is recommended for new flyers who are at least 14 years old. AA batteries are included for the transmitter, and replacement parts are available if necessary.

Level 1 - 200 S RTF


The durable and sleek 200 S RTF offers users multiple flight modes that make it an excellent choice for beginners and advanced users alike. The indoor/outdoor drone features a brushless main motor and direct drive tail motor that allows for longer flights and better maneuverability. This product works with a Spektrum™ DXe transmitter and features an 800mah 11.1v Li-Po battery complete with an AC charger.

Level 1 – Nano™ QX RTF


The Nano™ QX RTF is an indoor drone best used by intermediate pilots. At less than two inches in diameter, this model is small enough to use in even the tiniest of rooms. The potent brushed motors offer smooth lift. No assembly is required for the Nano™ QX RTF. Included is a USB charger, a 1S 3.7V 150mAH 25C Li-Po battery, a 4-channel DSMX transmitter, extra rotor blades and yellow and green canopies.

Level 1 – Nano™ QX2 FPV


A beginner-friendly model, the Nano™ QX2 FPV offers a beginner mode that features self-leveling and a limited flight envelope for novice pilots. Once comfortable, switch to agility mode for better precision and aerobatics. Want a bird's eye view? This model features a 5.8GHz FPV headset that allows you to watch your drone's video feed in real time. The Nano™ QX2 FPV offers a durable frame, long flight times and easy setup.

Level 1 – Inductrix™ Quadcopter


Part drone and part jet, this beginner model features high-speed rotors with durable construction, an MLP transmitter that uses Spektrum™ technology and a 150mAh 1S 3.7V 25C Li-Po flight battery. Fly your drone for up to six minutes at a time, and then quickly recharge it with the included USB charger. The stylish Inductrix™ Quadcopter also features bright LED lighting that not only looks amazing but also provides the pilot with an orientation reference during flight. This drone is available in blue and red.

Level 1 – Inductrix™ FPV


Available in a bold yellow color, the Inductrix™ FPV features an integrated 25mW video transmitter and an FPV camera with a 100-yard sightline that allows the pilot to create a breathtaking stream of each flight. High-performance motors and a 200mAh battery ensure this model flies into even the smallest of places. Ducted fans mean each flight is quiet, and LED lights add style and functionality by blinking when the battery is low.

Level 1 – Inductrix™ 200 FPV


Sleek, compact and ready for use indoors or out, the Inductrix™ 200 FPV features three modes. Start as a beginner with limits to pitches and roll angles as you learn to fly, then move on to intermediate mode with expanded limits. Once experienced, you can turn off all limits and take on full maneuverability. Durable construction, brushless power and an integrated flight camera that works with FatShark headsets just add to the fun of this drone. This model comes equipped with a quick-charge Li-Po battery. Simply charge the battery and start flight right out of the box.

Level 1 – Inductrix™ FPV +


At less than four inches in length, the Inductrix™ FPV + quadcopter is ready to fly nearly anywhere. Use the fully integrated camera and video transmitter to get the best view of your flight, and take advantage of the innovative Meow Mode™, which allows you to quickly reverse motor direction and get your drone upright after a crash. This ready-to-fly drone comes equipped with a 500mAh battery and is best for intermediate pilots who want an intuitive flight experience.

Level 1 – Glimpse™ FPV HD Camera Drone


If you need high definition, you need the Glimpse™ FPV HD Camera Drone. The lightweight, flexible airframe is deceptively durable, and the coreless motors are perfect for operating your drone. This model features an included 500mAh Li-Po battering and USB charger that creates flight times of up to eight minutes. Mount your smartphone to the controller to stream a live 480p video via Wi-Fi, or use Team View to share your video with friends.

Level 1 - mCX2 RTF


Factory assembled and ready to fly straight from the box, the mCX2 RTF is perfect for beginner pilots who want to learn indoors. At just under eight inches, this model is small enough to fly in most spaces and features powerful motors and a 5-in-1 control unit. The sleek design includes flashing LED lights for extra excitement, and the lock-like performance gives the pilot maximum control. Beginner-friendly features can be turned off to increase speed and maneuverability. This model comes equipped with a 120mAh 14C 3.7V battery pack.

Level 1 – Zeyrok™ Drone


Versatile, sleekly designed and featuring flight times as long as 10 minutes, the Zeyrok™ Drone is perfect for beginners who want a low-maintenance aircraft. The streamlined power system features concealed mechanics to protect them from dirt and dust, and front and rear LED lights not only look great but also indicate when the camera is operating and when the drone's battery is low. The 720p/1.3MP camera is built into a removable pod and provides landing skids to protect your unit. An included 4GB Micro SD card allows you to save your videos for later viewing.

Level 2 – Nano™ CPS


At just under eight inches long, the fully assembled Nano™ CPS is ready to fly right out of the box. This intermediate-level aircraft features Spektrum™ technology for high-speed control in any environment, and the lightweight design is comfortable yet durable. Linear servos make this the perfect model for 3D performance. Whether you're learning how to hover or are ready to take on inverted flight, the Nano™ CPS can handle it.

Level 2 - Ultra Micro F-27 FPV BNF® Basic


Featuring a lightweight Z-Foam™ airframe and Advanced AS3X® Technology, the Ultra Micro F-27 FPV BNF® Basic can take on large indoor spaces or small outdoor ones. Use it in launch mode for self-leveling and limited maneuverability while learning, or switch it to experienced mode for full control. The 150mW video transmitter and 170-degree wide-angle lens makes exploring with this drone's camera a true experience. No assembly is required, and the quick-disconnect magnet hatch makes switching the battering a breeze.

Level 2 - 130S RTF


Sub-micro sized, the 130S RTF is a powerful drone that comes in at 12 inches long and can handle both indoor and outdoor use. The streamlined helicopter design features a low-maintenance direct drive tail motor, and a strong frame ensures your aircraft is durable enough to withstand flight. Power and performance comes in the form of the model's brushless motors. The 130S RTF comes equipped with an 11.1V Li-Po battery and is best for intermediate-level pilots.

Level 2 - Vortex 150 Pro BNF Basic


Ready to use right out of the box, the Vortex 150 Pro BNF Basic offers a fully integrated flight controller, 40-channel video transmitter and full-graphic OSD. The professional design includes seven 32-bit ARM processors, high-performance ESCs and a programmable LED board. Durable construction ensures you're ready to fly whether you're in a large building or simply exploring your own backyard. The sleek quadcopter offers a full graphic display, DSMX® video transmitter control and a PitStick mode so that you can change channels easily. This intermediate-level drone even features a beeper that ensures you never lose it during flight.

Level 2 - Stealth Conspiracy™ 220 FPV BNF Basic


An outdoor-use, intermediate-level aircraft, the multi-rotor Stealth Conspiracy™ 220 FPV BNF Basic is expertly tuned and ready to fly right out of the box. This limited edition, upgraded model features a lightweight carbon fiber frame without skimping on durability. An F3 processor, Betaflight software and the Spektrum™ FC3207 F3 flight controller ensure you can fine-tune each flight to your exact specifications. An onboard 700TVL CMOS camera and 200mW video transmitter means you'll get clean video signal during every flight.

Level 2 - 250 CFX


An intermediate-level aerobatic helicopter, the 250 CFX features a durable carbon fiber frame and Bind-N-Fly(R) technology that lets you fly your drone right out of the box. Whether your flying style is casual or a bit on the wild side, the brushless motor, metal gear cyclic servos and solid flight control options, which run on 3S Li-Po batteries, ensure you always have the option to fly in your own style. This model features 3-axis stabilization and a 6-channel high-speed receiver for easy programming and fine tuning.

Level 2 - Mach25™ FPV Racer


Pilots who want a truly immersive, performance-focused experience will enjoy the Mach25™ FPV Racer. Build on a durable carbon fiber frame, this drone features canted motor mounts, Bind-N-Fly® completion, and three different modes: stability low angle, stability high angle and agility. The FPV-ready model also provides self-tightening propellers and integrated LED lighting for better visual orientation. A streamlined body improves the aerodynamics of the Mach25™ FPV Racer while protecting it against the elements. The outdoor-use, intermediate-level drone comes equipped with an E-flite® 1350mAh 3S 11.1V 30C Li-Po battery.

Level 2 - 120 S



Learn how to master basic helicopter flight with the fixed-pitch, sub-micro 120 S. This medium-sized machine is perfect for both outdoor flight in low winds and indoor flight in most spaces. The durable yet lightweight airframe combines polymers and carbon fiber components for precision, and flybarless mechanics make for fewer parts and higher efficiency that translates into simpler maintenance. Spektrum™ technology provides precise control of your drone, which uses a 1S battery for flight times of up to five minutes. The 120 S comes ready to fly right out of the box.

Level 2 - Night 230 S BNF Basic


Light up the night with the LED-adorned Night 230 S BNF Basic. Start in stability mode or agility mode while you get used to the movements of this model, then switch to 3D mode for full-speed and maneuverability as you flip and roll in flight. A collective pitch rotor system makes it easier to learn aerobatics while brushless power motors create a simple, lightweight drive system. The E-flite® 900mAh 3S 11.1V 30C Li-Po battery provides flights of up to seven minutes, even at night. This intermediate-level helicopter is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Level 2 - 230 S Collective-Pitch Aerobatic Helicopter


Take your skills to the next level with the 230 S Collective-Pitch Aerobatic Helicopter. Featuring a flybarless rotor system, brushless motors and metal gear servos, this high-powered aircraft is easy to maneuver, durable and can power high-speed flights for up to seven minutes at a time. Control this model with the Spektrum™ DXe transmitter's 6-channel control system. This intermediate-level drone comes fully assembled.

Level 2 - Torrent 110 FPV BNF Basic


Brushless motors and a 3S-capable power system makes the Torrent 110 FPV BNF Basic a smooth flyer capable of a range of aerobatic maneuvers. A 2mm carbon fiber frame ensures durability without too much weight, and the 150mW video transmitter works in both indoor and outdoor environments. This Betaflight-configurable drone allows you to fine-tune specifications to meet your personal flight style, and the wide-angle camera provides a field of view that spans 120 degrees. This intermediate-level drone is available in several color options.

Level 3 - 330X RTF


Known as an all-in-one aerobatic machine, the 330X RTF spans more than 28 inches and is best suited for outdoor use by advanced pilots. Carbon fiber blades make this drone lightweight yet durable and create a clean flight that allows you to take on nearly any maneuver you can imagine. The pre-programmed helicopter is ready to fly. All you need to do is charge the included 30C 2200mAh 3S flight battery to get up to six minutes of spectacular air time. The flybarless design means fewer maintenance tasks, and the brightly colored, airbrushed, fiberglass canopy can't be missed while it's in flight.

Level 3 - Theory XL FPV BNF Basic


Offering a stretched-x design for better flight stability and a durable yet lightweight 4mm carbon fiber frame, the Theory XL FPV BNF Basic is perfect for advanced pilots who prefer to fly outdoors. This racing drone uses 2206-2450kv thrust motors and 30-amp BLHeli ESCs to ensure every maneuver you make is smooth and precise. Its F3 flight controller is completely customizable and comes pre-flashed with Betaflight firmware. The 700VTL CMOS camera is ready to take clean, gorgeous video wherever you are. Simply charge a 4S battery, connect it to the Theory XL FPV BNF Basic, and you'll be on your way.

Level 3 - 270 CFX


A step above the intermediate 250 CFX, the 270 CFX is made for expert drone pilots. Featuring a gorgeous fiberglass canopy with a stunning, high-gloss color scheme, this drone provides a 22.2V high-voltage power system for increased performance and lower operating temperatures. The 7-channel Spektrum™ AR7210BX receiver means you can fine tune every flight without the use of a computer, and the pre-programmed Castle Creations Talon offers optimal settings for 3D flying. Rugged construction and oversized mechanics ensure the 270 CFX operates well even under heavy flight loads. This drone comes fully assembled.

Level 3 - Trio 180 CFX BNF Basic


Featuring a durable carbon fiber frame, a responsive 3-bladed head and industry-leading technology, the Trio 180 CFX BNF Basic is a micro-sized 3D drone created for intermediate and advanced pilots. Precision maneuvers and smooth flying capabilities become a possibility thanks to the brushless outrunner motor and optimized servo geometry. This indoor/outdoor model requires a 450mAh 3S 11.1V 30C Li-Po battery, which is sold separately.

Level 3 - Trio 360 CFX


Known as the 3D superstar, the Trio 360 CFX is a high-powered helicopter for advanced drone pilots. Featuring three blade heads, a brushless outrunner motor, high-speed metal gear servos, a durable carbon fiber frame and optimized servo geometry, this drone is meant to fly with precision. Whether a smooth and casual flight, a race against friends or a drone show packed with 3D maneuvers, the Trio 360 CFX is ready. The high-voltage power system combines with an 6S Li-Po battery for virtually unlimited performance. Supporting a 6-channel receiver, this drone is best for outdoor use and gets flight times of up to four minutes.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

While many of Blade’s products come preassembled and with everything they need, be sure to read the product descriptions in full. Some models require separate purchases for batteries, controllers or other fun accessories. Are you interested in building your own drone from the ground up? Be sure to check out the company’s series of Theory kits that allow you to build and customize your very own remote-controlled aircraft.