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Ehang Drones

Get Your Close Look at Ehang’s Great Drone Lineup

Commercial and residential drone enthusiasts alike are always on the lookout for innovative designs and controls that provide an immersive, easy to control flight experience. That’s one area where Ehang really satisfies. While there are some significant performance differences between various models, their diverse array of features and advanced smart device integration provides users with a drone experience that is sure to make both professional and recreational applications easier.

The Ghostdrone 2.0—Flight Control From Your Smartphone


This four-rotor design is compact and sports a responsive camera that synchronizes to your smartphone, making its responsive controls easy to access and manage. The avatar-based control system gives you options to help you operate efficiently. Order the VR package to enjoy point-of-view navigation that allows you to navigate precisely when you need to maneuver. Or, use the phone-based interface in the base model. The phone’s built-in gyroscope and touchscreen allow you to activate features with a fingertip while gesture-based navigation keeps you on your flight path. Here are more specs and features for this model:

  • 195mm height makes the Ghostdrone 2.0 compact and maneuverable

  • 8.5-inch propeller blades

  • 1150g flight weight without propeller guards

  • Maximum tilt angle of 45 degrees

  • Fast navigation—40kmh speeds in GPS mode, with a 70kmh top speed under manual navigation

  • Fast ascent—2.5m/s

  • 1000m maximum communication distance

  • 500m recommended operating radius

  • Supports GoPro 3 and 4 cameras

  • Built in 4k camera with 64gb microSD support

  • 3-Axis gimbal sports 0.9-degree tilt control accuracy

  • 1.5 hour camera life

  • 60-70min flight time per battery charge

  • Independent flight and camera batteries

The uses for a well-rounded, long-range drone with easy smartphone integration are practically limitless. Use GPS mode to program a flight path that lets you easily survey an area or use manual flight to investigate problems up-close. This drone is especially well-suited to use in film applications, with its high-fidelity 4k camera and long battery life.

Drone Swarms for Major Events and Exhibitions

One of the most rewarding design features Ehang put into the Ghostdrone 2.0 is the advanced GPS flight planning and navigation system. This not only allows for programmed flight paths, but also for networked formation flights involving swarms of Ghostdrones. The result? The ability to create sophisticated flight patterns with intricately controlled movements, allowing you to design performance and publicity spectacles using your drones.

Consider the lighting spectacle and messaging power of an event with brightly colored drone swarm patterns in the sky as an entertaining backdrop, or synchronize a flight pattern that builds the excitement you need to launch into the evening’s presentation.

Drone swarms also provide you with the opportunity to collect footage of your event from every angle. Execute complex advertising and marketing presentations with ease while collecting observational data for use in later analysis or great footage for further marketing based on your event. There are limitless applications to the use of programmable flight formations for the creative professional.

The Ehang184 AAV Is Your Commuter Passenger Drone


Since one of the defining features of drone technology is the device’s ability to operate without a pilot, most people don’t think of drones having human passengers, but that is where Ehang seeks to defy all expectations. The Ehang184 is described as an “autonomous aerial vehicle” designed with top of the line in-flight safety features. That means the passenger is not a pilot. Instead, the vehicle operates as a safe, autonomous commuter shuttle for medium-short term jaunts.

The implications for this technology are immense. With a four-propeller design familiar to drone fans with any level of experience, the vehicle can carry a 100kg payload for up to 25 minutes. That’s enough time for short shuttle flights across a city. It’s also enough time to put a pair of human eyes on a problem, providing observational access above and beyond that afforded by traditional drone cameras.

This passenger drone boasts a rechargeable battery that allows it to make a flight every hour if it is fast charged. Even with a slow charge, it only takes two hours to reach its maximum battery capacity. That charging speed offsets the relatively short flight time, making it easy to use a small fleet of these vehicles as shuttles.

Safety is a huge concern whenever automated vehicles are discussed, and the designers at Ehang took it into account when they put together this AAV. State of the art flight safety programs ensure the passenger remains safe and comfortable throughout the flight, and a top speed of 100km/h ensures that a lot of ground can be covered without making the experience overly intense.

There might be some obstacles to the local use of these vehicles in some communities. As aircraft capable of operating below 3000 meters, they are drones by design and operation, but their passenger capacity might create regulatory requirements for their use that do not apply to other drone models. Make sure you understand the local laws and ordinances regarding small aircraft operation before planning your order.

Top-Tier Performance in Commercial Applications: The Falcon B


If what you want is a high-performance drone that you can use for practically any commercial application, Ehang’s Falcon B series provides the options and the power you will need to be able to take on any challenge. This drone design uses everything that makes the company’s other drones revolutionary, but it powers those features up even further, creating a hardware profile capable of delivering uniquely powerful performances with a payload.

Safety features are at the top of the list of innovations for the Falcon B, with smart controls that operate at the push of a button. Dual sensors and GPS systems allow it to tolerate faults and malfunctions that would ground other drones, and auto-takeoff/auto-return features put it on a preprogrammed flight path with ease. One-touch landing makes use of these advanced sensors to ensure a safe touchdown without any guesswork, too.

On top of those safety features and controls, you can count on the power of its dual coaxial propeller design. That means this drone’s traditional four-point rotor design includes a powerful double design at each point, allowing it to achieve faster speeds while having in-flight redundancies to reduce risk whenever flight hazards are encountered.

The design is versatile, too. Rather than put together a drone with specific uses, Ehang designs industry-standard mounts to affix several useful attachments. This makes it easy to add custom camera rigs, lighting and decorative features, or other payloads. That makes this one of the most easily extendible drone designs on the market today because it allows the operator to adapt it for literally any commercial drone applications.

  • 60km/h maximum cruising speed

  • 32 min hover duration with no payload

  • 9.6kg weight (no payload, with battery)

  • Ehang’s proprietary flight control system

  • Real time image and data transmission

  • One-touch waypoint flight with manual horizontal flight navigation options

  • 3km multi-directional antenna range; 5km optional directional antenna range

  • 400W power output

  • Custom Ehang lithium ion battery

Powerful, Safe Drones Anyone Can Fly

One of Ehang’s major corporate mandates is the creation of aircraft that are safe and easy to handle for any operator. It sounds like a mission for residential and recreational drone companies, but it is also a great guiding principle for a corporation looking to lead in the world of commercial applications. This principle leads them to create designs that are safe and effective, with flight control systems that take advantage of the drone’s unique built-in sensors to avoid aerial mishaps while navigating to and from destinations.

The GPS navigation systems Ehang uses for its waypoint controls in each model provide for easy destination management even when the user is fairly new to the device, and the adaptability of the models on offer from this manufacturer ensure a wide range of applications are possible with each model.

While it’s certainly true that recreational operators will find the Ghostdrone 2.0 attractive with its long flight time and easy smartphone-based control interface, it would be a mistake to view this as the recreational offering to counterpoint the Falcon B. Both are powerful flight platforms with different potential applications. What they have in common is a design that considers the wide range of potential uses for the technology, allowing for customization without a lot of hassle.


As a manufacturer, Ehang is incredibly forward-looking. That much is obvious from the design features and range of their offerings. Their ability to take chances and their commitment to innovation have produced one of the most ecologically efficient short-range passenger aircraft designs to come from the drone era, and their traditional models deliver the performance and versatility any professional needs. From diagnosing construction problems in various industries remotely to security and surveillance, Ehang’s build hangs tough and gets the job done. That makes it incredibly easy to understand why this company stands out as one of the top 11 commercial drone manufacturers.

It will be exciting to see what Ehang brings in its next-generation design. Will it be a Ghostdrone 3.0? Or a completely new design that pushes the envelope in a different direction? Only time will tell.