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Yuneec Drones


Yuneec is an established consumer aviation company that started manufacturing remote-controlled model aircraft more than fifteen years ago. The company released their first ready-to-fly drone in 2014, and their current line-up of quadcopters and hexacopters enable users of all skill levels to take off and capture high-quality aerial footage straight out of the box. Every Yuneec drone is ready-to-fly, making it easy for new pilots to easily obtain a birds-eye-view or choose from a wide selection of automated flight modes built in to various models.

The company currently offers three drones designed for users ranging in skill from newbies interested in getting into aerial photography to proconsumers. From the Yuneec Breeze 4K quadcopter to the Typhoon Q500 4K and Yuneec Typhoon H 4k hexacopter with Intel RealSense obstacle avoidance technology, Yuneec drones consistently feature ultra-high definition cameras capable of recording video in 4K and taking still photographs in the neighborhood of 12 to 13 megapixels. If you are interested in taking better videos and photos, you are likely to be pleased with the camera technology and automated flight modes included in Yuneec drones.

Get Started With the Yuneec Breeze 4K


The Breeze 4K is an entry-level selfie drone with top-tier specifications. The camera on this model can capture video in up to 4K UHD resolution, stream live footage to a mobile device at 720p HD, and take 13 MP still photographs. The five automated flight modes on the Breeze include a manually-controlled Pilot mode, Selfie mode, a controller or GPS based Orbit mode, VisionTrack, and a Follow Me mode. This model is also capable of either landing automatically or returning to the launch site. This assortment of modes makes it easier for new pilots to control the drone and capture remarkable aerial footage that is perfect for sharing online.

The Breeze 4K also boasts infrared positioning and optical flow sensors that enable the quadcopter to hold position without drifting as well as an indoor positioning system. This model can achieve up to 12 minutes of flight time on a fully-charged battery. Some versions ship with two batteries, allowing for up to a total of 24 minutes of flight time. This model has a maximum distance range of 100 meters (328.1 feet) and a height range of 80 meters (262.5 feet).

This model is controlled through the Breeze Cam application available for iOS and Android devices. The Breeze is sometimes referred to as a social drone on account of the ease with which it is possible to post footage to major social media and video networks from within this app. Share your videos and photographs on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and through the messaging application on your device.

The body of the Breeze is white with gray and silver accents and it weighs in at 13 ounces when fully assembled. Users can easily and safely transport this compact drone, which features foldable propellers and a basic carrying case. It is also easy to order authorized replacement parts from Yuneec for any components that get damaged during a collision or crash.

Capture Better Footage With the Typhoon 4K


Another option for pilots interested in obtaining more stable 4K quality drone footage is the Typhoon Q500 4K. Whereas the Breeze does not feature a gimbal or any other camera stabilizer, the Typhoon 4K ships with a CGO 3-axis gimbal camera with a 115-degree wide-angle distortion-free lens that is capable of capturing UHD footage in up to four times the resolution of standard HD as well as 12 MP stills. This model can also record 1080p/120fps slow motion video and can be fine-tuned to a variety of manual settings, including control over the tilt angle, for precision performance. The handheld SteadyGrip system enables users to take stable photos or video on the ground using a mobile device as a viewfinder.

This ready-to-fly camera drone is intended for beginner to intermediate pilots and aerial photographers. The automated modes on the 4K include a Smart Mode with Follow Me and Watch Me features that cause the device to either follow or stay focused and framed on the pilot. Other modes include an Angle mode for more experienced manual pilots and a Home mode that causes the Typhoon 4K to land within 4 to 8 meters (13 to 26 feet) of the pilot.

The unit ships with an ST 10+ Android touchscreen controller. The ST 10+ controller is compatible with all Yuneec drones, but is customized for flying the Typhoon 4K. This designated device allows the pilot to fly the drone and control the camera while watching a live feed. For users interested in manual flight, it is much easier to control a drone with a specialized controller as opposed to an app interface on a mobile device. Shutter buttons and pitch controls allow the pilot to remotely dial in the specifications for taking perfect shots. This large but sleek silver and black drone relies on lightweight but powerful 5400mAH 3S 11.1V lithium-polymer batteries capable of providing up to 25 minutes of flight time on a full charge.

The Typhoon 4K can be ordered with a specially-designed protective aluminum case that allows for ease of transportation. The high-density foam core protects both the drone and controller and includes enough space to fit two batteries, chargers, the SteadyGrip system, two sets of propellers, and other accessories.

Upgrade to a Typhoon H With RealSense




The Typhoon H is the model that has benefitted the most from Intel’s recent investment in Yuneec. The hexacopter initially shipped with a standard obstacle avoidance mode, but this feature has been upgraded to Intel RealSense in more recent models. This sonar-based obstacle sensing and avoidance technology works by generating a 3D model of any environment and scanning surroundings to make the most intelligent routing decisions. Not only are Typhoon H models with RealSense aware of their surroundings, they can also learn from them. This model will remember dodging any obstacle and do so every time based on the information it takes in about the location.

The Typhoon H relies on GPS to record location data and track targets. This feature shines in the Follow Me mode, in which the hexacopter follows and keeps up with the pilot while relying on RealSense to avoid obstacles. The drone will find ways to avoid breaking sight lines even if it seems to have become obscured. This model also features a five rotor fail-safe that can help keep the craft stable in the air even if a motor happens to fail during flight.

This model gives pilots even more control over capturing footage than the Typhoon Q500 4K. The Typhoon H ships with a customized Android ST16 Ground Station controller with a built-in seven-inch touchscreen for viewing live footage. This model features eight flight modes – more than any other Yuneec model. These include Orbit Me, Point of Interest, and Journey mode for capturing aerial selfies at any range up to 150 feet. Pilots can also program a Curve Cable Cam route between pre-set coordinates, which is not an option with the other Typhoon or Breeze models. This model also features an automatic landing mode and landing gear that allow inexperienced pilots to safely land this hexacopter.

The new model of Typhoon H also ships with a Typhoon backpack-style carrying case, two lightweight batteries, and extra propellers. You may be able to order a package with the Wizard Wand, a one-handed secondary remote controller that allows a second pilot to either operate the camera or control the drone. This model features propellers with a quick-disconnect design and folding rotor arms to allow for safe storage and transportation. The Typhoon H is designed to provide prosumers with exceptional performance and portability as well as complete ease of use.

More experienced aerial photography enthusiasts are likely to be most interested in the array of innovative features available in the Yuneec Typhoon H with RealSense technology. Yuneec packs a lot of flying and photography features into all of the drones in their product line for a great value. The company also offers a standard one-year warranty on all of these models and provides owners with additional access to conveniently-located authorized service centers as well as a designated hotline for drone questions and issues.

For an advanced option consider the H520 or the H920

The Yuneec H520 is an advanced UAV which features six rotors, and is best for commercial uses. It is compatible with high-end applications and offers greater payloads, and longer flight times. The Yuneec H520 is available in several Camera Drone  variations. For example you can use the Yuneec H520 E90 for broad vision in up close environments. 

The Yuneec H920 is designed for professionals to capture high quality photographs and video footage for commercial uses. A drone bundle  is also available with a Pro Action grip to combine the best of Panasonic's camera quality and Yuneec's engineering. 

What Sets Yuneec Apart?

Yuneec was originally founded in Hong Kong in 1999 and the company has gained a great deal of experience in aviation development over the years. After creating the first commercially successful ready-to-fly fixed wing RC airplane, Yuneec went on to build innovative manned electrical aircraft. The company now holds hundreds of aircraft-related patents and sells more than one million units a year.

All of the products in Yuneec’s line reflect the company’s commitment to making drone flying and aerial photography more accessible for consumers. The company is also dedicated to helping coast guards, firefighters, rescue workers, and law enforcement figures obtain visual footage of emergency situations to promote public safety. By developing units intended for personal and public use, Yuneec aims to launch products that feature cutting-edge technology and are highly functional and value-oriented onto the consumer drone market.